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Collect MxGhosts and join the clan.

The GhostVerse is an otherworldly universe within the MultiversX blockchain.

The 8658 inhabitants of the GhostVerse are known as the MxGhosts, they are the guardians of the MultiversX, tasked with haunting and keeping the peace. They have the right to vote in the GhostVerse DAO and can shape the future of the universe through their decisions.

Some MxGhosts join the GhostClan, a powerful organization that controls the haunting of the MultiversX. They are paid every month in EGLD for their services, providing them with a passive income.

Collecting and owning a Mr Ghost NFT is not just a way to own a piece of digital art, it's also a way to become a part of this fantastic world!

Drop #3 Sold Out!

Drop #4 is being considered by the members.

Join us in making a decision.

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