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This demo page is a full-featured minting landing page that will work well with the Elven Tools smart contract. You can use Elven Tools CLI to initiate this dapp and deploy and set up the smart contract.

Please do not pay much attention to the UI design because I am not a designer. I tried to make it as pleasant and straightforward as possible in a short time. But if you like it, you can, of course, use it as it is. You can change the colors using theme settings. More in the docs. Also, the weird faces assets are just for testing, nothing special here.

This minting landing page will operate on proper collection on themainnet. So you will be able to test it, and you will be able to mint some NFTs with fake xEGLD money.

When the collection is depleted, I will redeploy another one and update the settings here. Btw. please contact me here if I won't do that on time.

All docs on how to start working with it and configure it you'll find on the Elven Tools website. If there is something missing there, please let me know. There will be more docs and videos in the following weeks.

Remember that you can make a couple of simple changes to make it work on the mainnet. Of course, keep in mind that it is best suited for the Elven Tools smart contract, but you can modify it and use it with any MultiversX smart contract you like. You can even use it for projects not related to NFTs.

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